I’m Evette Annandale, a professional interior designer who will often respond to your messages with GIFs. ⁠

My main business is to create office spaces that move past functional properties to become a tool for your business growth while amplifying the voice of your brand within the built environment.⁠

If you have an office space that feels lacklustre and makes you run for the hills, let me be your fairy godmother, and I’ll turn that pumpkin into a carriage. Added benefit – it lasts past midnight.⁠

Business can certainly be full of ups and downs, but the interior can and should be a haven for hard-working minds.⁠

I am deeply passionate about the talented designers and suppliers in South Africa and you’ll often find some great items on my feeds with useful tips and tricks to suit.

Are you renovating or moving into a new space? Need some guidance? Tell me all about it –