How to Reuse and Refresh old furniture

The fit-out of an office can easily become an expensive exercise if not planned, designed, managed and executed with care and consideration.⁠

To make the transition into an office space easier, we often incorporate the old with the new.⁠

If your old furniture is still in good nick, don’t throw it away, rather REUSE it. If it needs a little bit of work – REFRESH. Instead of buying a whole new table, you can keep the frame and replace only the top.⁠ Let’s reupholster with new fabrics rather than throwing away the couch.

  • An easy way to mix old and new is to find some commonality between the objects in your space. For instance, you can use woods with the same undertones to introduce old pieces to new ones. Warmer tones such as reds and yellows pair well, where cooler tones such as blues, purples and greys are better suited for each other.
  • Blend in some corporate colours to frame your space and create a focal point to direct the gaze.
Reception Design
The bright blue focal point directs the gaze
  • Play around with texture and colour. By blending natural textures and interesting patterns and bright colours, the space feels uplifted, even if it is blended.⁠ ⁠The bold pattern and bright colours below effectively distract you from the mismatched furniture.
Colour and pattern used to create visual breaks and focal points

We’ve mastered the art of mixing styles, of embracing the previously loved, and placing the old and tired in a new happy setting. Let us transform your space today.⁠


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